China Sends Six Warships to the Middle East Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

China dispatches six warships to the Middle East as Israel-Hamas tensions escalate.

Deployment of Warships 🚒
Six warships, including two 052D destroyers, are stationed in the Middle East, overseen by the 44th Naval Escort Task Force of the PLA Eastern Theatre.

Escalating Tensions 🌍
The Israel-Hamas conflict heightens, prompting China's warship deployment to potentially safeguard regional stability and interests.

China’s Official Statement πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³
The Chinese Ministry of Defense confirms the warship operation over the past week, with full objectives yet to be disclosed.

International Reactions 🌐
Global eyes are on China's military move, hinting at broader military involvement or efforts to protect its regional interests.

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