Brussels Shooting: Two Swedes Dead, Panic at Football Stadium, Terror Level Rises to 4 🚨

Incident Overview: πŸ“„
In Brussels, a shooting near Sainctelette Square resulted in two Swedish nationals dead. The assailant escaped, prompting a terror level rise to 4 in the capital.

The Shooting: πŸ•”
At about 7:15 PM, shots were fired by a man who then fled on a scooter. Two individuals were fatally hit amidst the chaos.

Panic at Football Stadium: ⚽
Reports now emerged of shots heard at King Baudouin Stadium during the Euro qualifiers match between Belgium and Sweden, causing many spectators to leave the stadium in a hurry.

Government's Response: πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ
Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and other officials convened at the National Crisis Center, urging vigilance among Brussels' residents due to the severe terror threat.

Online Claim: πŸ“±
A circulating video shows a man, resembling the described shooter, claiming the attack as revenge, affiliating himself with ISIS. However, its authenticity is unverified.

Security Measures: πŸ”
With an ongoing investigation, Mayor Philippe Close and Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden are mobilizing police forces to ensure Brussels' safety.

Conclusion: πŸŒ†
The hunt for the assailant continues as Brussels remains on high alert. The incident has stirred panic in the city, especially among the football fans at the stadium, with heightened security measures in place to safeguard its residents.

Update: Football match stoppedΒ 

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