Bolivia Cut All Diplomatic Ties With Israel

🇧🇴 Bolivia's Bold Move
Bolivia has cut all diplomatic ties with Israel, citing the "aggressive and disproportionate" military offensive in Gaza.

🌎 Latin American Response
Colombia and Chile have responded by recalling their ambassadors from Tel Aviv, emphasizing the need for a ceasefire.

📜 Historical Context and Regional Solidarity
Historically, Latin American countries have been divided in their support for Palestine and Israel, influenced by their political leanings.

🚑 A Call for Humanitarian Aid
Bolivia has committed to sending humanitarian aid to Gaza, addressing the civilian displacement.

📢 Political Voices from Chile and Colombia
Chilean President Gabriel Boric and Colombian President Gustavo Petro have criticized Israel for violating International Humanitarian Law and called the attack on Jabalia Camp in Gaza a Genocide 

☠️ The Growing Death Toll
Over 8,500 Palestinian casualties have been reported, with the death toll rising each day.

🤝 Hamas and the International Community
Hamas commends Bolivia for its decision and urges Arab countries to follow suit.

🌍 Latin America's Role
Countries like Mexico and Brazil are joining in the call for a ceasefire, highlighting Latin America's influential position.

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