Bitget Announces the Visa Bitget Card

Introduction of the Bitget Card 🚀

  • Bitget has unveiled the Bitget Card, a major step in the crypto-financial sector. Initially available to employees, it's set to roll out to more users in the first half of 2024.
  • The card is a Visa Platinum Card, aimed at enhancing the financial experience of Bitget employees and promoting cryptocurrency adoption.

Rollout and Availability 📅

  • The card's rollout began for internal staff on January 8, starting with a virtual card compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Physical cards are expected to follow a few weeks after the virtual card's issuance.

Partnership with Reap and Card Funding 💰

  • In collaboration with Reap, the Bitget Card can be funded with USDT through a Bitget funding account.
  • Plans are in place to include more stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, and the card will be denominated in USD. Notably, it will not have annual or application fees.

Global Usability and Features 🌍

  • Accepted wherever Visa is supported, the card enables local spending in various countries and regions.
  • It also facilitates payments through Google Pay and Apple Pay and allows cash withdrawals at Visa-supporting ATMs, albeit with certain withdrawal limits.

Exclusive Benefits for Customers

  • Designed for customers conducting high-value transactions, with special provisions for VIP customers, including a metallic physical card.
  • Bitget plans to introduce additional perks and BGB rebates for transactions made with the card.

Empowering Crypto Users 🌟

  • Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, highlights the card's role in merging traditional and digital finance, fostering a more inclusive financial future.
  • The card is part of Bitget's vision to empower users with secure, efficient, and intelligent financial transaction solutions.

Bitget's Vision and Expansion Plans 🔍

  • The launch signifies Bitget's commitment to being at the forefront of innovation in the crypto-financial space.
  • Aiming to bridge traditional finance and the crypto industry, the Bitget Card aligns with Bitget's broader goals in the Visa program.

This initiative by Bitget underscores the growing intersection of cryptocurrency with traditional financial services, marking a significant step towards more integrated and accessible financial solutions in the digital age.

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