Biggest Cocaine Bust In Galicia, Spain ever

πŸš” Largest Cocaine Seizure in Spain Linked to Albanian Mafia
11 tons of cocaine, imported by Albanian criminal organizations, have been seized in Spain in two operations, marking the largest ever in Galicia.

πŸ›³οΈ Seizures in Valencia and Vigo
The drugs, originating from Colombia via Ecuador, were discovered in containers at the ports of Vigo and Valencia, hidden in frozen tuna fillets and double bottoms of maritime containers.

πŸ‡¦πŸ‡± Role of the Balkan Mafia
The operations highlight the significant role of Balkan mafias in drug trafficking, particularly the 'Balkan cartel' mentioned by the Spanish police. The most powerful of these cartels in the Balkan at the moment is the Kavač clan from Montenegro, an extreme violent gang on the same level as the Mexican cartels. 

πŸ”— Arrests and International Connections
Twenty individuals were arrested, mainly Albanians, but also including a Colombian, a Dominican, and several Spaniards, including a Galician entrepreneur.

πŸ” Changes in Cocaine Trade
According to Spanish police, the control over cocaine trafficking in Europe has shifted from hermetic organizations to more open, atomized, international groups that form 'criminal cooperatives'.

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