"Berlin Synagogue Targeted in Molotov Cocktail Attack Amid Rising Tensions"

🔥 Molotov Cocktails Attack on Berlin Synagogue Germany witnesses a rise in anti-Semitic attacks following the onset of the Hamas-Israel conflict. Two Molotov cocktails were hurled at a Berlin synagogue, igniting a fire that was swiftly extinguished by security.

🕍 Details of the Incident Around 3:45am, two masked individuals targeted the synagogue in Berlin's Mitte district. This building, part of the Kahal Adass Jisroel Jewish community, also accommodates a daycare and a yeshiva school. Post-attack, an individual approached the synagogue on a scooter, shouting anti-Israel chants, and was briefly detained.

🇩🇪 Chancellor Olaf Scholz's Response Scholz expressed his outrage, emphasizing Germany's united stance in defending its Jewish community.

🚔 Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations and Police Response Later that day, police intervened in two pro-Palestinian protests in Berlin, employing pepper spray and water cannons. Rioters ignited trash bins and hurled stones at police and emergency vehicles, resulting in 39 arrests and 20 officer injuries.

🚩 Other Anti-Semitic Incidents Throughout the week, other anti-Semitic acts occurred. Israeli flags, displayed in solidarity with Hamas attack victims in Israel, were desecrated in various German cities. Additionally, swastikas and anti-Jewish messages were inscribed on Berlin Wall fragments.

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