Austrian Police Officer Sold Drugs On The Darknet

🚨 Dark Web Drug Case: Austrian Police Officer Investigated

🕵️‍♂️ Accused Officer: Police in Upper Austria are conducting an investigation into one of their own officers, a 34-year-old, who stands accused of reselling amphetamine purchased from the dark web.

👫 Collaboration: Reports suggest that this officer may have been involved in a drug trafficking operation alongside his 30-year-old spouse. Allegedly, the couple ordered amphetamine from the dark web and distributed it to bodybuilders.

🔍 Discovery: The alleged drug trafficking operation came to light during an investigation into suspected dark web drug orders. Investigators reportedly traced some of these orders back to the police officer's partner.

🏠 Residence Search: In February, investigators executed a search warrant at the couple's residence. Media reports indicate that approximately one kilogram of amphetamine was found. While the exact quantity seized was not disclosed, it was confirmed to exceed the legal limit.

🗣️ Admission: During questioning, the 30-year-old partner revealed that they had been ordering amphetamine for personal use since 2018. Subsequently, both members of the couple were arrested and released on bond.

👮 Officer's Status: The state police department temporarily suspended the police officer on February 16th, pending further investigations.

🔍 Ongoing Investigations: The ongoing investigations seek to determine the full scope of the couple's drug trafficking activities and to identify their customers.

👩‍⚖️ Legal Consequences: If convicted, the police officer faces the risk of losing his job and pension.

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