Australian police intercept 1 billion euros in drugs

Australian police have prevented a quantity of drugs from entering the country. They intercepted 600,000 kilograms of liquid methamphetamine with a value of 1.7 billion Australian dollars, which is equivalent to more than 1 billion euros.

The police write on their social media channels that the hundreds of thousands of kilograms of drugs were destined for the states of Victoria and New South Wales and that the interception of these drugs prevented 19 million individual deals on the street.

The drugs were hidden in canola oil bottles.

Five months of research
Six men have been arrested for the discovery, who are linked to the transport of the drugs from Canada to Australia.

The police have known for a long time that he is busy with the drug catch. It took a five-month investigation and four separate drug busts to apprehend the men.

Authorities secretly replaced previously intercepted drugs with a different, harmless substance, and at the same time guard at a storage facility in Melbourne where two of the men are handling the drugs.

Yesterday, police discovered search warrants at a house and collection in Melbourne, which found large amounts of drugs, cash and firearms, among other things, and arrested the men.

Maximum lifetime
A 38-year-old man from Melbourne is believed to be a conduit for an organized crime network in Canada, while the 32-year-old similarly uses his position in a logistics company to transport the substitute drugs once they get to Australia arrived.

If they have moved on, they risk a maximum sentence of life behind bars.

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