Apple (AR) Augmented Reality Glasses soon for sale

More has become known about the Apple Reality smart glasses. iPhoned lists the most important information for you!

VR glasses Ski glasses with cameras
For example, Apple's smart glasses look like a kind of ski glasses, but a bit larger and thicker. You can also compare it to Meta's Quest Pro, but thinner. It also has a series of cameras with which the glasses can be used with VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). According to rumors, the price will be around $ 3000. The new system is called "xrOS".

Works with AirPods
Another tidbit is that the H2 chip of the glasses can work together with the one in the AirPods Pro 2. The chip has a special low-latency transmission mode that seems to be made for the AR/VR glasses.

AirPods Pro 2
The smart glasses also have built-in speakers, but according to the leaked information you need AirPods to ensure that other people cannot listen in on your conversations.

Probably only the AirPods with an H2 chip work with the glasses. This would mean that at the moment only the AirPods Pro 2 are compatible. It can also be read that Apple probably plans to release more versions of the AirPods with an H2 chip before Apple Reality appears.

Different headband for Apple Reality glasses
In addition, there will be a special version of the headband for developers. Allows the AR/VR glasses to be connected to a Mac. It is also indicated that there probably will be no interchangeable straps for the glasses, as is the case with the Apple Watch. The headband of the VR/AR glasses is difficult to replace, because the band contains electronic components.

Apple Reality
More features for the VR/AR glasses
More interesting rumors. These are the most important data at a glance:

-With the Digital Crown on the glasses you will soon be able to easily switch between VR and the real world;
-Special custom-made lenses (for people with glasses) will become available. You click it magnetically onto the glasses;
-Apple Reality can automatically adjust the lenses in the glasses based on eye relief;
-Apple's VR/AR glasses have a 120-degree field of view (for comparison, the Meta Quest Pro and Valve Index have a 106-degree field of view);
-You can use existing (2D) iOS apps with the glasses;
-Apple Reality is mainly focused on video calls and educational applications with augmented reality.


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