Minister Amichai Eliyahu Wants To Drop Nukes On Gaza

💬 Nuclear Strike Statement:
Minister Amichai Eliyahu suggests a possible nuclear strike on Gaza during a radio interview.

👨‍⚖️ Prime Minister's Reaction:
Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately suspends Eliyahu indefinitely following his controversial remark.

😡 Political Reactions:
Defense Minister Gallant and Opposition Leader Lapid sharply condemn Eliyahu's statements.

🎯 Hamas Reaction:
Hamas condemns Eliyahu's remarks, describing them as "genocide practices."

🔄 Damage Control:
Eliyahu later says his remark about a nuclear bomb was meant figuratively.

🔒 Israel's Nuclear Capacity:
Israel has neither confirmed nor denied nuclear weapons, but reportedly has 90 warheads since the late '60s.

💥 Bombs on Gaza:
The ignorance of Israel is funny, they already dropped bombs on Gaza with the equivalent of two atomic bombs!

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