Actor Tyrese Gibson Warns Hollywood Is Overflowing With ‘Satanic Pedophiles’

Hollywood actor Tyrese Gibson has spoken about against the “Satanic pedophiles” that run the entertainment industry, claiming that studio executives are trying to normalize evil.

During a recent appearance on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show, the “Too Fast Too Furious” star revealed that the elites “are trying to normalize the devil” via signs and symbols in the media.

“They are trying to normalize the devil. They are trying to populate… The devil is on the main stage at award shows and in every video and signs and symbols…”

“I said, ‘You know what? We need to stop treating our relationship with Jesus like the little buddy you talk to before you go to bed at night and not be more vocal about the things that God means to us and all of the things that God has brought us through.’”

“Yeah. They going above and beyond to promote the devil and it’s pissing me off because it used to be that devil worshippers used to be real secretive,” he added.

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