6 suspect killers of Ecuador president Candidate murdered in jail

1. 🇪🇨 Ecuador: Six suspects in presidential candidate's assassination killed in prison.

2. 🔪 Assassination: Inmates, Colombians, accused of murdering presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio on August 9.

3. 🚓 Prison Disturbance: On October 6, a disturbance occurred in the Guayaquil prison where these six inmates were killed.

4. 🏢 Guayas 1 Prison: Part of a large prison complex in Guayaquil; more than 30 people died in a riot in July.

5. 🌐 President's Response: President Guillermo Lasso returns from New York to address the situation, stating, "The truth will be known here."

6. 🔫 Violence: Gang conflicts have led to over 430 prison deaths in Ecuador since 2021.

7. 📈 Crime Stats: Homicides in Ecuador have quadrupled between 2018 and 2022; this year might see rates as high as 40 per 100,000 residents.

8. 🌍 Shift: Once peaceful, Ecuador faces an influx of drug cartels due to drug wars in neighboring countries and is now grappling with violence.

9. 🗳️ Elections: The prison crisis becomes a major talking point for the upcoming elections on October 15.

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