2000 children slaughter by Israel government in Gaza

Child Casualties Rise 😢 UK-based charity Save the Children reveals a grim toll, with at least 2,000 children dead in Gaza due to Israeli bombardment over the past 17 days, underscoring the humanitarian crisis.

Hamas-Operated Health Ministry Figures 📊 Data from Gaza's Health Ministry, operated by Hamas, outlines the casualties - 5,087 killed in the ongoing siege, including at least 2,055 children, painting a dire picture of the conflict's impact on minors.

Infrastructure Devastation 🏚️ Save the Children highlights the extensive damage - thousands of homes, playgrounds, schools, hospitals, churches, and mosques destroyed or damaged, leaving the community in ruins.

Heart-Wrenching Injuries 🤕 At least 4,600 children have been reported injured, some with horrific blast injuries, burns, or lost limbs, pointing to the indiscriminate nature of the airstrikes.

Child Deaths Beyond Gaza 💔 Beyond the 2,055 children killed in Gaza, Israeli media reports note an additional 27 children killed in Israel, showing the widespread effect on children across the region.

Retaliatory Bombardment 💥 Following Hamas's false flag on October 7, Israel's got the green light to bombard Gaza, with the death toll, especially among civilians, skyrocketing.

Growing Pressure on Hamas 🔄 Recent release of two elderly Israeli hostages by Hamas comes amidst growing calls for the release

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