🚫 MetaMask App Reportedly Removed from Apple's App Store

🍎 MetaMask Removal from App Store:
Apple has allegedly removed the popular cryptocurrency wallet app, MetaMask, from its App Store. Attempting to access the app's store page results in a "Connecting..." message.

🔒 Implications for Users:
If the removal is confirmed, users won't be able to reinstall MetaMask if deleted, nor receive app updates from the App Store. This is concerning for apps like MetaMask, where regular updates are crucial for security.

🔄 Other Crypto Wallet Apps:
Contrarily, other crypto wallet apps like Trust Wallet remain available in the App Store, making the reason behind MetaMask's removal unclear.

💸 Apple's Past App Removals:
Apple has a history of removing apps that bypass its in-app sales commission. However, it's not yet clear if this is the reason behind MetaMask's disappearance from the App Store.

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