🚫 "Florida's Bold Move: Death Penalty for Child Predators"☠️

☠️ Pedophiles in Florida Now Face the Death Penalty
New laws have come into effect this week in Florida, allowing for the death penalty for pedophiles.

📜 New Legislation Approved
Earlier this year, the state's House and Senate passed legislation that mandates the death penalty for child rapists. In May, Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed the legislation into law.

⚖️ Opposition from Higher Courts
Liberal judges have warned that imposing the death penalty in such cases violates the 8th Amendment.

🤔 Mixed Opinions on the Law
While some believe the law is a measure to protect children, others disagree. Florida courts can now send child rapists to death row.

🎙️ DeSantis on the Law
"These perpetrators are often serial offenders," stated DeSantis.

🚫 Opposition from Advocacy Groups
Maria DeLiberato, the executive director of Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, argues that execution isn't the answer. She highlights the trauma for the victim and the lengthy death penalty process.

📊 Statistics on Sex Offenders
About 90% of child victims know their abuser. Roughly 30% are abused by family members.

⚙️ Requirements for the New Law
An 8 to 4 jury recommendation is still required for a death sentence.

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