🚨 New Scam Alert: Contactless Payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay

💳 Introduction:
Cybercriminals have devised a new trick to clone your digital payment card using services like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

🛡️ Security Code:
An additional security code is required when linking a bank or credit card. Scammers attempt to intercept this code.

📬 Older Tricks:
Previously, scammers used phishing emails or messages to obtain codes, but this was not very successful.

🛠️ New Problem:
Recently developed tools can intercept authentication tokens, enabling scammers to secretly link someone's payment card to their phone.

📲 Contactless Payments:
Services like Apple Pay are popular among scammers as they allow contactless payments without a PIN.

🦠 Scam Malware:
New malware can intercept and misuse confirmation codes, allowing scammers to make payments unnoticed.

🎁 Consequences:
Once linked, scammers can make contactless payments via your payment card, often purchasing gift cards for resale.

🕵️ Fraud Detection:
Less data exchange in contactless payments makes fraud detection harder, often leading to fraud being discovered later with higher damage amounts.

🍏 Response from Apple Pay and Google Pay:
Both companies point to banks as responsible for reliable customer verification.

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