🚗 Ferrari Embraces Crypto Payments in the U.S., Eyes European Expansion


🚗 Ferrari Now Accepting Cryptocurrency:
Ferrari has started to accept cryptocurrency payments for its luxury sports cars in the U.S. They plan to extend this to Europe following requests from wealthy customers.

🏢 Corporate Response to Crypto:
Most blue-chip companies have avoided crypto due to its volatility, unclear regulations, and high energy usage. Tesla briefly accepted Bitcoin, but ceased due to environmental concerns.

💻 Crypto’s Environmentally-Friendly Efforts:
Ferrari's Marketing Chief, Enrico Galliera, mentioned that cryptocurrencies have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, aligning with Ferrari's goal for carbon neutrality by 2030.

🛍 Customer Requests for Crypto Payments:
Ferrari’s decision came in response to market and dealer requests as many of its clients have invested in crypto. There are both young and traditional investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

⚡ Energy Efficiency of Cryptocurrencies:
Some cryptocurrencies like ether have improved their energy efficiency, but Bitcoin continues to receive criticism for its energy-intensive mining.

📊 Ferrari’s Crypto Sales Expectations:
Although no specific sales expectations were shared, Ferrari wants to test this new payment method and connect with potential customers who can now afford a Ferrari.

🌍 Expansion to Europe:
Ferrari plans to extend the crypto payment scheme to Europe by the first quarter of next year, and then to other regions where crypto is legally accepted.

💱 Crypto Payment Processing:
Ferrari has chosen BitPay as the payment processor for the U.S. phase, and will allow transactions in Bitcoin, ether, and USDC with no additional fees. BitPay will immediately convert crypto payments into traditional currency to protect Ferrari’s dealers from price fluctuations.

🚀 Dealers and Future Acceptance:
Many of Ferrari’s U.S. dealers have already signed up, or are about to agree, to the crypto payment program, and it's expected that others will join soon.

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