📈 Forex vs. Crypto: The shifting Explained 🔄


📈 The Rise of Forex Trading: Why is it Everywhere Now?
Over the past few months, the prominence of forex trading has surged, with the last few weeks seeing an exponential increase.

🔗 The Connection Between Forex and Crypto
You might wonder, "Why is this happening?" The answer lies in the status of the crypto market. At first glance, it may seem that forex and crypto are unrelated. However, they are deeply intertwined.

🔄 The Evolution of Crypto Trading
To understand this connection, we need to delve into the origins of crypto trading. Forex traders have been day trading for years. In fact, the crypto day trading style we see today has its roots in forex and other financial markets. The entire system was adopted from forex. Post-2017, this adoption accelerated. While the 2017 crypto bull market was primarily focused on SPOT trading, market makers introduced future trading to the crypto market in 2018. All these tools were directly borrowed from the stock and forex realms.

🚀 The Shift to Forex
Now that you understand the origins of the current crypto trading style, it's easier to understand the shift towards forex. Simply put, there's no profit in crypto day trading currently. Those claiming to make profits are lairs. This is why many young traders are gravitating towards forex trading. The transition is seamless since the tools for crypto, stocks, and forex trading are now almost identical. And they are always looking for profits (which they will never find in daytrading itself)

🔭 We where there long before others
We where there in forex, long before others. But there was no money to made for our followers only to lose! So, after observing no profits over a couple months, we ceased offering it ofcourse, our goal is to let our members make money! We don't lie to our members, Yes, we ourselves can make money now on fake forex trades, but we will never lie to our followers, may god protect us all. 

⚠️ Don't be stupid!
The issue lies with brokers. Many groups claim to offer 'free' trades, but there's a catch. They mandate deposits with their chosen broker, from which they earn hefty commissions, yes the broker and the community owners are working against you! This is their primary revenue model, not the 'free' trades. The end result? You lose your money. There is a different style as well, some offering paid signals, these groups don't tell you which broker you should choose. But then again they make money on your subscription and not on the day trades they give you.

🚫 Our Stance at Coinpower
We often receive inquiries about forex trading signals at Coinpower. Our answer is a resounding NO, and we have no plans to introduce it. If it were profitable for our members, we'd offer it. But it's simply not lucrative for our members, yes we could take a profit from this hype but we don't, we value our followers and fear our lord.

🌞 The Future of Forex Promoters
Those currently promoting forex will likely pivot back to promoting crypto trades and investments once the crypto market rebounds. Be very careful, not only you are looking for other income now crypto is in a winter, also community owners all around the world need new sources! Stay vigilant and safeguard your investments.

💪 Coinpower's Ethos
Coinpower remains steadfast in its commitment to crypto. As many have observed, our predictions about the crypto world have been accurate. We foresaw many abandoning crypto, but not us! We approach it differently than those who flit from one trend to another.

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Join our groups for unparalleled knowledge. No false promises or shit day trades with us! No chart bullshit at all! 

Team Coinpower

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