💸 PayPal Grows with Smarter Plan, Despite Crypto Worries

💸 PayPal's Growth: PayPal (PYPL.O) is on track to increase its market value by $4 billion. This is due to a promise to cut unnecessary costs which made investors happy, even though there are some concerns about its cryptocurrency activities.

📈 Share Increase: The company's shares went up by 7% to $55.16 on a Thursday morning. A promising profit forecast for the whole year also helped calm worries about less spending.

🗣️ New CEO's Comments: PayPal's new CEO, Alex Chriss, mentioned that the company's costs are too high during a call after sharing earnings reports. He said PayPal will now focus more on activities that bring in more profit.

🛍️ Continued Spending: The good forecast shows that customers are still spending well even though the economy has its ups and downs.

📊 What Analysts Say: An analyst from J.P.Morgan, Tien-tsin Huang, praised the CEO for addressing the issues well and setting a good plan for growth. Another firm, William Blair, also liked the focus on profitable growth.

🔍 Investigation Notice: PayPal received a notice from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about its cryptocurrency. They are asking for some documents and PayPal is cooperating.

🪙 What's a Stablecoin: Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency that have their value tied to stable things like the dollar, to avoid big price changes.

🥇 PayPal and Cryptocurrency: PayPal was the first big financial tech company to start using digital currencies for payments when it launched its own cryptocurrency, which is tied to the dollar, in August.

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