🌳 Olive heist of 74 tonnes in Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

🚨 Olive Theft Surge
Spanish police confiscated 74 tonnes of stolen olives in Seville due to rising prices stemming from a shrinking harvest.

πŸš” Criminal Activity
Twelve individuals were detained in Pilas for allegedly stealing and trading these olives.

🌍 Spain's Olive Dominance
Spain leads globally in olive and olive oil production. Unfortunately, a mix of heatwaves and drought has led to a production drop and a subsequent price hike.

🍢 Olive Oil Heists
Authorities noted similar thefts in olive oil:
- 6,000 litres of extra virgin olive oil were pilfered from Terraverne in Teba.
- Marin Serrano El Lagar in Cordoba lost around 50,000 litres of oil.

πŸ” Victim's Statement
Terraverne spokesperson, Laura Larrubia Nogales, likened stealing olive oil to snatching jewelry due to its rising value.

πŸ”’ Security Boost
Post-theft, Terraverne bolstered their security measures, adding more alarms, cameras, and collaborated with police for night patrols.

πŸ“’ Dcoop's Input
Dcoop, Spain's major olive oil cooperative, fortunately hasn't experienced any thefts. However, they acknowledge that soaring prices increase theft temptations.

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