[⚖️] XRP Community Challenges US Terror Financing Claims**

🚨] XRP community challenges US government's claims
XRP community expresses concerns after US government links Ripple and XRP with terror financing.

[🇮🇱] Israeli Police's Recent Action
Recently, Israeli police took action against cryptocurrency wallets supposedly related to Hamas after a terror incident.

[🇺🇸] US Government's Mention of Ripple and XRP
The US Department of State discussed the use of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ripple (XRP), by criminals and terrorist groups. This caused concern in the XRP community.

[🗣] Community's Response to the Statement
XRP supporters, especially wEeZiE (NerdNationUnbox), were unhappy with the US Department of State's statement on October 13.

[🔍] Controversial Government Statement
The US government mentioned various methods criminals use, including Bitcoin, Ripple, traditional methods like hawala, and more.

[💬] X User's Reaction
X user pointed out that the US government usually talks about Bitcoin and Ethereum. But they mention 'Ripple' negatively.

[📰] A Recap of Israeli Police's Actions
On October 10, Israeli police acted against Binance crypto accounts believed to be connected to Hamas.

[📊] XRP's Current Value
As of October 13, XRP's price was $0.48, experiencing a mix of ups and downs over the last month

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